Time and Talents

Are you using your God-given talents? For all the locals who live here, we are aware of the vacation mode that we all deal with here. Yet, God’s church is still going forward. Serving, and reaching out in different ministries. We all enjoy having a place to attend when we do arrive and having a place for our kids to enjoy and learn more about God and His love. Here are some opportunities that are available to utilize your time and talents:

Food Pantry: Help Valerie once a month at the food distribution place between Huacas and Conchal. 2-3 hours once a month. Loading up supplies and sorting through donated goods.

Event Coordinator: We haven’t had an event coordinator for over 2 years. We have plenty of help once an event gets set up, just need a point person to lead out. Picnics in the community is the main thing we enjoy doing on Sunday’s after church. It’s always time for another church fellowship too.

Community Outreach: Various outreach activities are available through coordination with other organizations in the area: baseball, English class, Soccer, Art classes etc.

Community Assistance: There are many opportunities that arise through our Spanish ministries. Remodeling and fixing up homes and visiting people in need within our local community

Contact Pastor Perry for more details. perrycarlilecr@gmail.com or 8621 6273